Health centre services soon offered to Suvela and Tuomarila residents with service vouchers

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2019-11-22 10:03

The City of Espoo’s agreement with the Oma Lääkärisi Espoontori health centre will end on 30 April 2020. From 1 May 2020 to 30 April 2025, services will be provided using a service voucher system. Residents will receive further information in the early spring of 2020.

At the moment, the residents of Suvela and Tuomarila mainly use the Oma Lääkärisi Espoontori health centre. The agreement with the Oma Lääkärisi health centre will end in April 2020, and the City of Espoo will no longer conclude an agreement with a specific private health service provider. Instead, service vouchers will be offered to residents. The Social and Health Services Committee of the City of Espoo decided on this matter on 30 October 2019.

Same services, same price

Customers using service vouchers will have access to the same services and pay the same price as those using the city’s own health centres. Espoo residents are already able to choose the health centre they wish to use. The service voucher will be one of the options available to residents.

Service vouchers support and complement the city’s own health centre services

The services of Samaria Health Centre in Espoon keskus will be available as usual. The service voucher model will not affect the city’s current personnel or employment relationships.

“The service voucher model will support Espoo’s own health centre services in a flexible manner. Our aim is to ensure the quality of basic health care services and also offer more flexibility and choice,” says Sanna Svahn, Director of Health Services at the City of Espoo.

More information and instructions for residents in early spring 2020

The preparation of the service voucher model will now get under way. The next step is to define the criteria that health service providers must meet in order to be included in the system. All health service providers operating in the Espoon keskus area can sign up, provided that they meet the criteria defined by the city.

In the early spring of 2020, residents will receive information on how they can choose between the companies included in the service voucher system and the city’s own health centres.