​Fit your butt on the seat – have a go at car sharing

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2018-09-11 6:00

The City of Espoo carries out a car sharing experiment in autumn 2018 with the slogan “Peput penkkiin” (“Fit your butt on the seat”). The purpose is to test a solution that would enhance the utilisation rate of the residents’ cars as a step towards achieving the goal of becoming an emission-free city by 2030.

Participants may

  • offer car sharing rides in cars they drive themselves
  • find car sharing rides for themselves

The car sharing experiment will be targeted at the Espoo Centre, Otaniemi, Keilaniemi, Tapiola and Western Espoo areas. Participants may also be accepted from other areas of Espoo if there are enough interested people.

Car sharing can also be utilised as a part of a transportation chain completed by, for example, public transport or a city bike.

Based on voluntary participation, there is no exchange of money involved in the experiment by the City. The city will raffle off exercise vouchers and movie tickets among everyone who participates in the experiment.

“Our experiment provides a good opportunity to contribute to the achievement of the emission-free Espoo goal, sustainability and ease of everyday life. You can, for example, participate by offering a single car sharing ride. This may also lead to the creation of functional car sharing networks for the future,” says Johanna Nyberg, Head of Traffic Management and ITS at the City of Espoo and the owner of the experiment.

Liikkujan viikolla 18.–20.9. järjestettiin infoja eri puolilla Espoota. Jos et päässyt mukaan infoihin, saat lisätietoja kokeilun yksityiskohdista Kysymyksiä ja vastauksia -sivulta. Voit ilmoittautua mukaan myös vastaamalla kyselyyn.* 

The city organised info sessions during the Mobility Week 18–20 September 2018. The sessions reached thousands of people, and Espoo residents and other people moving around the city gave us valuable feedback. If you missed these infos you can read detailed information in Finnish here: Questions and answers (in Finnish). You can join up also online – just complete the survey (in Finnish).*

Assessment of the system and the expectations of the residents

With the experiment, the City of Espoo wishes to gain information on

  • how commuter traffic and leisure time mobility could be made smoother and the cars of the residents could be used more efficiently
  • how the application for finding carpooling rides and shared cars works
  • what the residents expect from this type of mobility service and the City of Espoo.

The open experiment time starts 26 September and ends 10 January, 2019**. The experiment ends in total by the end of February 2019 and is a part of the implementation of the City of Espoo’s digital agenda.

During the experiment, Blox Car and its partners will provide customer support, instructions and answers to questions concerning the application. Of the partners, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, for example, is involved in the experiment to conduct an effectiveness evaluation.

More information available from:

  • Questions and answers (in Finnish)
  • Johanna Nyberg, Head of Traffic Management and ITS, johanna.nyberg@espoo.fi, tel. +358 40 526 8331
  • Valia Wistuba, Development Manager, valia.wistuba@espoo.fi, tel. +358 43 825 2905 
  • Marke Kaukonen, Project Manager, marke.kaukonen@espoo.fi, tel. +358 50 5532495

* This site has been updated 4.10.2018 by remowing e.g. the possibility to offer own cars for use by the other participants.

** This site has been updated 12.11.2018 as the experiment time was lengthened until 10 January, 2019 (originally 30 November, 2018).