Miscarriage normally begins with light bleeding which can increase. The discharge might contain large blood clots. Lower-abdominal or back pain resembling menstrual pain is common. 

Miscarriages in early stages of pregnancy are normally treated during office hours at a polyclinic. During office hours, miscarriage patients from Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kerava, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi (HUCH area) are treated at Naistenklinikka, Gynecological emergency care Women’s Hospital, Maternity Hospital.

Only patients bleeding heavily with severe pain need treatment outside office hours. Miscarriage patients are treated at the Women’s Hospital​; Emergency care for pregnant women. 

If the pregnancy is in an early stage, bleeding is light and you are not in severe pain, you can keep monitoring the situation. If bleeding becomes heavy, you are in severe pain or your overall physical state worsens, call the maternity clinic’s telephone counselling tel. 09 816 22800, open weekdays 8:30 am–2:30 pm. Please hold until a public health nurse takes your call.  The public health nurse assesses over the phone if you need to see a doctor or if it is sufficient to monitor the situation at home.

After a miscarriage, you can book an appointment at the maternity clinic if you wish to speak to a public-health nurse.

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