Open Clinic

You have to book an appointment for the open clinic, on tel. 09 8162 2800 weekdays at 8.30–13.30. 

The services of open clinics are meant for the clients of maternity and child health clinics. The open clinics can, for example, monitor the weight and height of your baby or child and vaccinate them. An exception to this is influenza vaccination. To get your child vaccinated against influenza, please book a vaccination appointment or request the vaccine during one of your child’s periodic check-ups.

Pregnant women may visit an open clinic to have their blood pressure or haemoglobin measured, for example. If you are pregnant and would like to request that someone listen to the foetus’s heart sounds outside your scheduled check-ups, please book an appointment with a public health nurse.

The open clinics are unable to treat sudden illness. If you have fallen ill, please contact  your health centre.

You may freely visit any open clinic, not only the one offered by your own maternity and child health clinic.

Please also check the open clinics’ website for exceptional opening hours before your visit. The opening hours are likely to change in the summer in particular. 

Open clinics in Espoo Centre

Kalajärvi Health Clinic
Ruskaniitty 4
on Mondays at 16:45–18:45

Espoo Centre Health Clinic
Kamreerintie 2 A, 3rd floor
on Fridays at 8:15–11

Open clinics in Espoonlahti

Kivenlahti Health Clinic
Merivalkama 2
on Mondays at 16:45–18:45

Nöykkiö Health Clinic
Oxfotintie 8
on Thursdays at 14–15:30 

Saunalahti Health Clinic
Kummelivuorentie 2, 1st floor
on Thursdays at 8.15–10.15

Open clinics in Leppävaara

Aurora Health Clinic in Lippajärvi
Lippajärventie 44
on Wednesdays at 8:00–10:00

Leppävaara Health Clinic
Konstaapelinkatu 2, Leppävaara Health Station
on Tuesdays at 16:45–18:45

Perkkaa Health Clinic
Upseerinkatu 3, 1st floor
on Thursdays at 8:15–10:15

Open clinics in Matinkylä, Olari and Tapiola

Iso Omena Maternity and Child Health Clinic
Suomenlahdentie 1, 3th floor
on Mondays and Thursdays at 16.30–18.30. On Saturdays by appointment only.

Tapiola Health Clinic
Ahertajantie 2
on Thursdays at 16:45–18:45