Maternity and child health clinic services via remote communication systems

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2020-06-08 14:54

In addition to visiting our maternity and child health clinics, our clients can be in touch with our staff through various remote communication systems.

Book an appointment through the clinics’ centralised appointment booking and counselling number, tel. 09 816 22800 (Mon–Fri 8:30−14:30).  

We offer remote appointments through a video system and Teams/Skype for the following services:

  • a pregnant woman’s first appointment
  • support for breastfeeding
  • counselling for gestational diabetes
  • bladder control issues and related advice
  • advice on constipation
  • What is on your mind? A Family Talk session with parents: together we can discuss how your daily life is going and whether you need support.
  • other remote appointments: discussions remotely and procedures at the clinic

Service over the phone

Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, we have organised many clinic appointments over the phone either entirely or partly. First, we discuss with the client on the phone and the required procedures are then carried out during a brief visit to the clinic. This has allowed us to minimise the duration of clinic appointments and contact between people.

Family coaching appointments with a public health nurse are currently available remotely through Teams, allowing both partners to easily participate in the group session regardless of where they are.