MONIKU-service for multilingual families

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2020-08-21 15:30

Are you a multilingual pregnant mom or do you have children already and live in Espoo city? Do you have questions about how to teach your native language or Finnish language to your child or how to strengthen your own culture at home? Do you have questions related today care, Finnish courses, or activities for your children?

Our services are in Espoo child health clinics (neuvola), but if you do not want to come to the clinic, the appointment can be organized by phone. If needed, we can book an interpreter for our meeting.

MONIKU-service is free of charge.

Please note that this service is for pregnant mothers and families with children aged 0–6.

You can contact us Monday to Friday at 8–16.

  •, tel. 040 506 9359
  •, tel. 040 636 8271
  •, tel. 043 826 8999

See you soon!

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