Prenatal Family Class

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Prenatal Family Class in Espoo

Welcome to the Espoo city’s prenatal family class in English!


  • When to leave for the hospital? 
  • Stages of childbirth
  • Pain relief during childbirth
  • Taking care of a new born

What symptoms can be expected in Your third trimester, and at the start of the labor? When to contact the hospitals delivery unit? Midwife and public health nurse Enni is addressing these topics in the following video:

What kind of support You would like to have when you are preparing for your delivery? What to do if You're afraid of giving birth? In the following video midwife and public health nurse Enni tells what kind of support there is available in neuvola. Please visit also naistalo webpage that was mentioned in the video (material also available in English).

Please read these materials beforehand:

Both parents are welcome!

Your own nurse at neuvola (maternity clinic) will help you to sign up for the family class.

Cancellations: please call 09 816 22800 from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, Monday to Friday.