How to take care of your baby

Basics of baby care

The birth of a baby is a big change for the family. After the child is born, you will spend the first days learning new things. Every day is different, and the baby’s behaviour also changes from day to day. The baby’s most important needs are food, love and cleanliness.

Handling the baby

Babies need to be touched and held close in the parents’ arms. Although new parents may feel uncertain about how to handle the baby at first, everyone eventually learns how to handle their baby gently but with confidence. Carrying the baby around, keeping them in your arms and talking to them promote the development of the baby’s nervous system, support motor development and help the baby to be aware of its own body and feel safe.

When the baby cries

For small babies, crying is a natural way of self-expression. All babies sometimes cry despite the good and competent care provided by their parents.

The baby’s sleep

A newborn spends most of the day (about 20 hours) sleeping, but there are also individual differences in how much sleep a baby needs.

The baby’s digestion

How to prepare for breastfeeding already during pregnancy? What to expect during the first days and weeks of baby’s life? In this video breastfeeding counsellors and public health nurses Tuija and Ruut are telling you what kind of support you can have form neuvola. Please visit also - webpage that was mentioned in the video.