Help in divorce for families with children

The service provides acute help for parents who are considering divorce or need support after divorce.

Parents, who are considering divorce, as well as children in the family, are offered support at an early stage. 

If you have already decided on divorce, we can help you as parents to build a safe environment for your children. The service provides a place for parents and children to reflect on the range of emotions brought about by the divorce in a constructive way, either together or individually.

Both parents receive divorce-sensitive counselling at the same time. The counselling looks ahead and aims to create a sufficient and functional relation between the parents. The child is at the centre of the work. The work consists of short-term support and guidance. Working with emotions is often included.

The individual meeting with the child provides an opportunity for the child to express thoughts and emotions.

Individual meetings with a counsellor can also be arranged. This way, it is possible for a parent to discuss personal issues which they do not want the other parent to hear. The aim is to process experiences of divorce or slowly build a foundation for collaborative parenthood.

The service is also aimed at young people who are processing their parents’ divorce.

Telephone counselling
tel. 046 877 3267 on Mondays and Fridays at noon–1pm. At this number, you can also book an appointment.

Information on divorce at shopping centre Iso Omena

The divorce information service operates at the Service Centre in Iso Omena at mondays at 2 pm–6 pm. Low-threshold service without appointment booking in issues related to divorce.