Service in child support matters without an appointment

Parents in Espoo have a chance to use a walk-in service where they can meet child welfare officers without an appointment. The parents can use the service for extending or amending their child support agreement. The service is intended for parents who clearly agree on the content of the agreement. Both parents must be present at the meeting.

Please bring with you your IDs and previous agreements concerning your child if they have not been validated in Espoo. Please also bring possible court decisions, documentation of your income and housing expenses and your latest tax decision and its specification section.

Also, take with you a completed income and assets form (pdf, 65 Kt) /a completed income and assets form (docx, 17 Kt)  or fill it in at the unit. Agreements cannot be validated without the completed forms and required documentation.

We serve customers with a queue number system. When you arrive at the unit, please register with the receptionist. You will get a queue number once you have filled in the income and assets forms and presented your IDs. The maximum duration of a meeting with a child welfare officer is 30 minutes. If you need a longer appointment or your agreement cannot be validated due to insufficient documentation, you will be asked to book an appointment.

At the moment, the service is available in Finnish and English. Please contact the Family Affairs unit if you need service in Swedish or Spanish.

Contact information

The walk-in service is open

  • on Mondays 8:30–10:30, queue numbers are available from 8:00 onwards
  • at the Family Affairs unit of the City of Espoo at Kamreerintie 6 A (4th floor), 02770 Espoo

You can contact the City of Espoo’s child welfare officers by phone, tel. 09 816 27711 (Mon–Fri 10:00–11:00).

Please book an appointment if you need an interpreter, one of the parents is an entrepreneur or this is your first child support agreement.


Further information
Hanna Pantsu, Chief Child Welfare Officer, Family Affairs Unit
tel. 040 507 2896