Child Welfare Officers

The child welfare officers’ number for booking and consulting is tel. 09 816 27711 on weekdays at 10–11.

With regard to agreement matters, you can call our number together with the other parent of your child. Further information on this page: Call-in Service in Child Support Matters. You can find conference call instructions under Detailed instructions on the call-in service for parents. If you call us together, the processing of your case will be as smooth as possible and we will be able to refer you to the correct service.

We will ask for your child’s personal identity code in connection with counselling and appointment booking when we start or verify your client relationship.

When you are calling to our telephone number please choose the right line

  • Press 1 for advice in matters of family law in Finnish/ Swedish.
  • Press 2 for booking an appointment in Finnish
  • Press 3 for booking an appointment in Swedish
  • Press 4 for consultation or booking in English
  • Press 5 for Call-in service (open on Tuesdays at 8:30−10:00).

You can cancel an appointment with an SMS to tel. 043 8269 555 or with an email to .

Adress: Kamreerintie 6 A, 02770 Espoo (Espoon keskus).

(Walk-in) Call-in service

Parents in Espoo can use the Walk-in service for issues related to child maintenance allowance to meet with a child welfare supervisor without an appointment. Parents can come in together to make a child maintenance allowance agreement regarding their child or to extend or amend their child maintenance allowance decision.

Due to the coronavirus situation, the City of Espoo child welfare officers’ walk-in service will be replaced by a call-in service starting from Monday, 30 March 2020. Our telephone service, tel. 09 816 27711, is open on Tuesdays at 8:30 - 10:00. When you call our number, please press 5 to select this service. 

Please read more information Call-in service in child support matters