Exceptional traffic arrangements in Leppävaara – Turuntie narrows to two lanes

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2020-09-17 12:36

The Jokeri Light Rail construction site will affect traffic arrangements in Leppävaara. Turuntie (110) will narrow west of Ring I on 14 September–31 December 2020. 

At Leppävaara station, a storm water pipeline will be drilled under the track. Excavations will be made for the work at Leppävaaranaukio and Turuntie. 

The southern lanes of Turuntie will be closed for traffic for about 100 metres. One lane in both directions will be open for traffic. The lanes turning to Ring I will remain in use. Those travelling on Turuntie should be prepared for congesting traffic on Ring I.

News on the Jokeri Light Rail website: https://raidejokeri.info/en/