Estimated schedule for coronavirus vaccinations has been published – appointments are now available to 45–49-year-olds

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2021-05-07 11:24

Espoo has published an estimated schedule for coronavirus vaccinations during the spring and summer. It seems that our working-age population will receive their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine no later than in July. The accuracy of the estimate depends on how many vaccines Espoo receives and how many people decide to get vaccinated.

We estimate that vaccinations will progress as follows:

  • People who turn 45–49 this year (born 1972–1976) – Week 19 (10 May ->)
  • People who turn 40–44 this year (born 1977–1981) – Week 22 (31 May ->)
  • People who turn 35–39 this year (born 1982–1986) – Week 23 (7 June ->)
  • People who turn 30–34 this year (born 1987–1991) – Week 25 (21 June ->)
  • People who turn 25–29 this year (born 1992–1996) – Week 26 (28 June ->)
  • People who turn 20–24 this year (born 1997–2001) – Week 28 (12 July ->)
  • People who have turned 16 or turn 17–19 this year (born 2002–2005) – Week 29 (19 July ->) Please note: You must be at least 16 years old to receive the vaccine.

Appointments are now available to people who turn 45–49 this year and to 16–17-year-olds in risk group 2

Coronavirus vaccination appointments are now available to Espoo residents who turn 45 this year or are older than 45. In addition, appointments can be booked by people who belong to risk group 1 or 2 determined by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

THL has updated the age limit for risk group 2, and the vaccine is now also available to 16–17-year-olds who have a disease or a medical condition that increases their risk of severe coronavirus disease. Appointments can now be booked by 16–17-year-olds who belong to risk group 2.

Book your vaccination appointment online

If it is your turn to get vaccinated, the easiest way to book your vaccination appointment is to use the online system at New appointments will become available when we know for sure when new batches of vaccines are coming. If there are no appointments available, please try again later, for example a few days later.

The online appointment booking system will verify that it is your turn to get vaccinated based on your age or medical condition. For risk groups, the right to receive the vaccine will be checked at the vaccination site through the Kanta service or the City of Espoo patient information system. If a person to be vaccinated is not a client of the City of Espoo’s Social and Health Services with regard to their condition or there is no access to the data in the Kanta service, they will be asked to show proof of a disease or medical condition that significantly increases their risk of severe coronavirus disease, for example a copy of their medical record.

If you want to book an appointment by phone, call our number 09 816 34800 (Mon–Fri 8:00–18:00) and leave a call-back request. We will call people in the queue as new appointments become available.

The vaccine is given at a vaccination site in two separate doses. The second dose will be given approximately 12 weeks after the first dose.

As a general rule, people who have had the coronavirus disease are vaccinated six months after contracting the disease. You can book a vaccination appointment six months after a positive coronavirus test result if it is your turn to get vaccinated.

You can read more about the coronavirus vaccines on the THL website.

Further information about the national vaccination order and the vaccination order for risk groups is available on the THL website.

Further information about whose turn it is to get vaccinated, the progress of vaccinations, age groups and the vaccines is available at