Espoo’s Islamic communities combat the coronavirus together with the city

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2020-11-27 14:03

On Thursday, the representatives of Espoo’s Islamic communities and Mayor Jukka Mäkelä joined a video call to discuss the rapidly deteriorating coronavirus situation in the capital region. The Muslim community stated that they are fully committed to following the safety recommendations issued by cities and authorities.

In accordance with the current recommendations, Espoo’s Islamic communities have fully suspended Friday prayers for three weeks until 13 December 2020. Other prayers and events will be held less frequently and with a maximum of ten participants at a time.

Everyone attending religious events must maintain safe distances, take care of hand and coughing hygiene and wear a mask. Anyone with even the slightest symptoms of a common cold is advised to get tested and otherwise stay at home.

“The representatives of religious communities are also fully committed to complying with future recommendations and regulations. If new restrictions are introduced tomorrow, they will be respected immediately. The communities are also constantly communicating to their members what the current guidelines are and why it is important for everyone to follow them,” says Senior Specialist Said Aden from the City of Espoo.

The City of Espoo’s specialists are working closely with immigrant communities and building their trust in the city.