Espoo promotes employment in cooperation with its networks

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2019-11-07 15:06

The City of Espoo is preparing for municipal employment trials with the cities of Helsinki and Vantaa, TE Services and ELY Centres.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment will launch municipal employment trials in spring 2020 with the aim of strengthening the role of municipalities as organisers of employment services. Human resources and employment appropriations will be allocated to the municipal employment trials.

“Here in Espoo, we already have a strong culture of working together in a networked manner. We have successfully developed new kinds of services for our clients and reinvented existing ones to serve their needs better,” says Hilla-Maaria Sipilä, Head of Employment Services at the City of Espoo.

Networks and successful marketing of personal expertise through peer mentoring

Peer mentoring has proven to be an effective way of deepening highly educated job-seekers’ understanding of their own expertise and ways to market it. “Group work inspires people to try new ways to look for a job and encourages them to actively expand their networks. Regardless of the job-seekers’ age, many have gone from several years of unemployment to having an active presence on LinkedIn, boldly marketing their know-how to employers and scoring challenging expert-level jobs,” says Project Manager Merja Kyllönen. The driving force behind the service is a joint project of the capital region cities called Korko – Value of Academics. The practices and services linked to the project will be integrated into the employment services in Espoo at the turn of the year.

Advice for job-seekers, training tips, opportunities to meet employers – all this in a shopping centre

The Employment Corner is a low-threshold guidance service for job-seekers over 30 years of age. Located at the shopping centre Iso Omena, the Employment Corner offers anonymous service without appointment.
“People who visit the Employment Corner gain new perspectives on employment. Anyone can visit us to discuss job-seeking and education face-to-face with an expert, without having to book an appointment,” says Sanna Kuusisto, the City of Espoo coordinator in charge of the service.

Further education and training for programmers

A lack of skilled programmers has slowed down the development of ICT companies in Espoo. At the same time, there are unemployed IT experts who have difficulties in finding employment, for example due to outdated skills. For two years, Espoo has provided training in programming to update the participants’ skills to meet the current needs of the ICT sector. The English-speaking training programme was completed by 29 highly educated people with an immigrant background, former IT sector employees going through a long period of unemployment and spouses of international experts.

“The participants showcased their skills to Espoo-based ICT companies, and more than half of these meetings had the desired outcome,” says Project Manager Virve Hutchinson. The training is part of the DigiPore project that is included in the Six City Strategy of the six largest cities in Finland.

Additional information

Hilla-Maaria Sipilä
Head of Employment Services
tel. +358 43 824 6624