Espoo looking for sharing-economy solutions for experimentation

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2020-09-16 15:01

Through the acquisition of agile experimentations, the City of Espoo is looking for innovative pioneering solutions that build a sustainable everyday life in the urban environment. New solutions based on the sharing economy will be piloted with companies and residents.

“We want to learn, through agile experimentations, when and how Espoo residents use services that are based on the sharing economy,” says specialist Mia Johansson from the 6Aika partnership model for sustainable neighbourhoods (KIEPPI, Kestävien kaupunginosien kumppanuusmalli).

Espoo’s partial implementation of the 6Aika KIEPPI project requests tenders from companies or communities (a business ID is a requirement) for agile experimentations. The experimentations are carried out in Espoo. The solution must be in line with the principles of the sharing economy; a new operating model or service; or one that complements previous activities. The solutions offered may be digital or physical. They may be based on sharing, selling, renting, exchanging and donating, for instance.

Offer a solution that promotes sustainable and communal day-to-day life

The sharing economy is a new way to consume and use commodities. The sharing economy changes the need for ownership and enables people to consume in a more communal fashion, making the use of natural resources more efficient.

The solution piloted through agile experimentations must promote transforming Espoo residential areas and the everyday life of Espoo residents to be more sustainable and communal. The solutions to be tested may concern any topic related to an Espoo residential area and sustainable everyday life, such as food, utility items or mobility.

Espoon Asunnot Oy is also interested in new solutions based on the sharing economy which deal with the following themes:

  • development under the theme of the sharing economy of the use of shared club rooms by residents
  • objects based on shared use and the sharing economy
  • joint-use vehicles and shared parking permits.

Register for an open information event

The City of Espoo will organise an open information event on the procurement on 17 September 2020 at 2:30–3:30pm (in Finnish). Organised through Teams Live, the event presents the challenge of agile experimentations and the development targets of Espoon Asunnot, discusses the application process and answers questions. Questions about the procurement can also be submitted in the Supplier Portal.

Register for the information event

Submit your tender in the Supplier Portal

Submit your tender to the City of Espoo via the electronic Supplier Portal in Finnish or English no later than on 4 October 2020 by 11:59pm. You can find the contract notice in the Supplier Portal. You can view all information of the contract notice when logging or registering in the service.

The contract notice is available only in Finnish, however, the tender can be submitted in Finnish or in English.

6Aika KIEPPI develops sustainable districts

The City of Espoo wants to support business operations based on the circular economy and the sharing economy and act as a development platform for new products and services. Espoo participates in the 6Aika partnership model for sustainable neighbourhoods (KIEPPI). The aim is to develop Kera of Espoo, Hiedanranta of Tampere and Turku Science Park into sustainable neighbourhoods, creating there new business operations and jobs based on the circular economy and the sharing economy. In Espoo, the district of Kera is being developed as an example area of the circular economy based on a digital platform.

Additional information

Specialist Mia Johansson, 6Aika KIEPPI project, City of Espoo, tel. 040 5530 439,