​Espoo Mayor’s Innovation Competition launched

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2021-04-06 10:14

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This year will mark the tenth anniversary of the City of Espoo’s Mayor’s Innovation Competition. To celebrate the occasion, the competition will be opened to companies in addition to city employees. You can submit your competition application between 6 April and 24 May 2021.

The competition is open to all City of Espoo employees and work teams together with their partners as well as Espoo-based companies. The business ID of the company must be registered in Espoo.

The competition seeks innovations and ideas on how we can improve the services we provide for Espoo residents and develop our practices in keeping with the Espoo Story.

We are paying particular attention on innovations that prioritise customers and city residents − either as recipients of improved services or even as cooperation partners in the development work. The purpose of the competition is to highlight the continuous, innovative development work that is being carried out in Espoo.

Finalists to be selected by Excellence Finland

The City of Espoo is organising the competition in cooperation with Excellence Finland. A panel of experts from Excellence Finland will evaluate the applications and select the finalists from among them. Later, the City of Espoo’s own competition jury will evaluate the applications that have made it to the final.

Please make sure you fill in your application form carefully so that anyone who is not familiar with the context can gain a clear idea of your innovation and be able to assess its quality and novelty value based on the application form alone. A competition information session will be organised as a Teams webinar on 8 April 2021 at 15:00–16:00 (in Finnish). The webinar will provide concrete application tips. The event is also be available as a recording.

Applications will also automatically take part in Excellence Finland’s national Quality Innovation Award competition, and the winners of the award will also compete in an international competition.

Themes, series, prizes and evaluation criteria

The 2021 competition is seeking resident and customer-oriented innovations under two themes:

  • Economically sustainable Espoo
  • Sustainable growth after COVID-19.

More information on the themes

There are two competition series:

  1. Innovations series. New innovations that have already proven to solve challenges efficiently or productively.
  2. Potential innovations series. New innovations that are still in the development phase and have the potential to solve challenges effectively or productively.

The winner of the Innovation series, or winners if first place is shared between several innovations, will each be awarded with €5,000. The winner(s) of the Potential Innovations series will be rewarded with €3,000. In addition, honorary mentions worth €500 each will be distributed in both series at the jury’s discretion.

Application evaluation criteria

Application form and instructions

Competition application form

Instructions for completing the form

Read the instructions carefully. You can fill in the form in several parts. Save the incomplete form using the ‘Save and continue later’ button at the bottom of the form. The system will ask for your e-mail address to send a link to continue completing the form later.

Excellence Finland’s Quality Innovation Award (in Finnish)

2021 competition schedule

  • Competition is open: 6 April–24 May 2021 
  • Information session as a Teams webinar: 8 April 2021 at 15:00–16:00 (in Finnish; the webinar will provide concrete application tips, and the event is also be available as a recording)
  • Excellence Finland will evaluate the applications by 30 June 2021.
  • All participants will receive a notification on whether or not their proposal has made it to the final: 30 June 2021
  • The finalists will give a brief presentation on their innovation to the city management in August or beginning of September (time to be specified).
  • The City of Espoo’s competition jury will convene on 6 September 2021.
  • A proposal of the winners and honorary mentions will be presented to the Mayor in early September and to the city's Management Group in mid-September (times to be specified).
  • The award ceremony will be held in October (time to be specified).
  • The winners of Excellence Finland’s national Quality Innovation Award will be announced on 11 November 2020. 

The Mayor’s Innovation Competition has been organised in cooperation with Excellence Finland since 2012.

Additional information

  • Issues related to completing the competition application: Minna Huomo, Excellence Finland, tel. 0400 230 756 or minna.huomo@laatukeskus.fi
  • General information on the competition: Marianne Julkunen, Service Development, Mayor´s Office, City of Espoo, tel. 040 5548 3606 or marianne.julkunen@espoo.fi