Espoo Magazine: Together and safe

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2020-08-21 15:38

The latest issue of Espoo Magazine will help you get ready for Espoo Day that will be celebrated on 28 and 29 August. This year’s Espoo Day will feature small public events, virtual events and activities that you can enjoy on your own. The magazine will tell you how you can join the celebration of our city.

The theme of the Espoo Day this year is “responsibly together”, and proactive safety will be taken into account in the celebrations of the city day.

The magazine will also introduce you to the fascinating world of master planning and tell you about the important work of the city’s contact tracing coordinators, known as Coronators. In addition, you will get tips on upcoming events. As always, we also have many other interesting stories waiting for you in the magazine.

The city will start preparing its strategy, the Espoo Story, for the next City Council term around the same time as the magazine is published. It is now time for all Espoo residents to make their voices heard and respond to the My Espoo surveys.

The magazine is published in English as an online version: Espoo Magazine 3/2020