Espoo Magazine: The new and improved Leppävaara

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2021-05-28 16:33

Leppävaara has grown into an urban centre that is as big as a medium-sized Finnish town. Read the latest issue of Espoo Magazine and learn more about the plans to turn the district, situated at the junction of traffic routes, into a harmonious whole where moving from one place to another is easy and safe.

You will also meet Project Director Mika Rantala and the Leppävaara society’s chairperson Arja Salmi and find out how the district is being planned together with local residents.

In addition, you can read about the municipal employment trial that aims at tackling employment problems more vigorously. The magazine also takes readers to Suvisaaristo and highlights the valuable work done by sports clubs. As always, we offer tips on various interesting events. In spite of the coronavirus epidemic, there are many fun things to do in Espoo!

The magazine is published in English as an online version (not accessible): Espoo Magazine 2/2021

You can also read the magazine online in Finnish (not accessible): Espoo-lehti 2/2021

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