Espoo Innovation Garden – the most intelligent community in the world

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2018-06-06 23:40

The City of Espoo has won the international Intelligent Community Awards 2018. Espoo was the only European city among the seven finalists. The theme of the contest was ‘humanizing data’. This refers to the use of data for people-oriented service development.

The three-day finals were held in London and culminated in a gala on Wednesday evening. During the finals, the Espoo-based innovation community Espoo Innovation Garden gained a lot of visibility and new networks for sharing knowledge and making new contacts. The networks will help everyone in Espoo to implement the city’s strategy, known as the Espoo Story, solve the challenges of a sustainable future, and create new smart services and jobs.

“Our success improves our opportunities for attracting more knowledge- and information-intensive companies and jobs to Finland,” says Mayor Jukka Mäkelä. He adds:

“In the long run, this will benefit the inhabitants of Finland, the region and Espoo. Everyday life becomes increasingly smooth, the living environment will remain at least as lively and green as it is now, and everyone willing can participate in the development of the services they use. This is the outcome when the network formed by the city, companies and research institutions expands and learns together.”

An international survey has already revealed Espoo to be the most sustainable city in Europe. Espoo wishes to retain the title and ensure not only high-quality services but also growth that is economically, ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable.

Espoo’s victory will be celebrated around the Espoo Day in August at the latest – maybe even earlier.

“People, companies and communities are Espoo’s greatest strengths. In other words, this is clearly a shared victory,” Mäkelä says.

The contest was organised by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), a global network of cities and regions.

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Atmosphere at the finals (in Finnish)

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