We are developing the new espoo.fi website – take our survey

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2021-01-29 12:29

The current espoo.fi website will remain available until we have added a sufficient amount of content to the new website. The planning and adding of new content has only just begun, which is why the beta version is only a technical framework, practically without any content. You can explore the new website on beta.espoo.fi. You can also have your say on the new website at an early stage by responding to our beta version survey.

We will keep adding content to the new website in 2021

Based on the wishes expressed through our early-stage resident survey and during the resident interviews carried out as part of concept planning, we will especially focus on improving the quality of content and the usability of the website. We are working on improving the search features and the way in which service information and opening hours are presented on the website. We also want to make it easier for people to find information concerning a specific district and decision-making. In the future, you can search for news, events in Espoo and information about the city’s operations on the home page, which was also requested by the survey respondents.

The espoo.fi redesign project will continue and the new website will be launched later in 2021.

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Further information:
Sarianna Visuri
espoo.fi Project Manager