MyGuide e-service is closed.



MyFinance is an e-service of the Social Lending Unit, providing information and counselling on how to control your personal finances.

You can use the e-service to send questions to a financial counsellor and find answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have been granted a social loan, you can send in messages and questions concerning your loan.

To book an appointment with a financial counsellor, please call us on 09 816 34439 from Monday to Friday at 7–18. When you call the number, you will be given a call-back time.


The MySchoolhealth service can be used by parents/guardians to fill out a preliminary information form online, which provides information on a new pupil for his/her health examination.

Parents must make an appointment for the child's health examination before accessing the MySchoolhealth service and filling out the preliminary data form. Make an appointment to MySchoolhealth service online. You can also make an appointment by telephoning the school nurse. The health examinations will mainly take place during the summer and early autumn.  

Each parent can fill out a separate online form and give the other the right to see his/her answers.