Health information (Health file)

Through the Health Information, you can access your doctor's or nurse's services electronically. An electronic agreement must be completed to use the Health Information. Health centres do not collect a fee for use of the electronic services.

The Health Information lists the following health and treatment information:

  • vaccination information
  • medication sheet if you are on anticoagulants that require monitoring
  • links to the Health Library.

Through the Health Information, you can send short non-urgent questions regarding the treatment of your chronic illness or the treatment plan to your doctor or nurse. The service is not intended for handling urgent matters.

By signing in, you can also access the electronic appointment booking for health servicesthe order for free treatment supplies and equipment and My Kanta.

Use of the service requires that:

  • pop-up windows and JavaScript are allowed. Instructions for switching on JavaScript you can read from user guide.
  • you use supported browser: Internet Explorer 7+, Chrome 35+ Mozilla Firefox 28+.

Support for health care e-services

If you experience technical problems (problems with logging in, error messages, etc.), please contact the support by email or by calling 09 816 34300.

The support is open weekdays at 8.30 am–4 pm.

You can also give us feedback via our online feedback service.

More information

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