Apply for transport benefit online

Apply for transport benefit online. To use the service, you will need online banking codes or a mobile ID.

To fill in an application, click the “Go to web service” button above. The service is unfortunately only available in Finnish at the moment.

Please note! The transport benefit application form has been moved to a new location. Click the “Go to web service” button to directly go to the new Omapalvelu service.

To see your old information, follow this link.

The new form will not display information from previously submitted forms. However, you can still view the old forms. If you would like to store information from your old transport benefit applications, please print them or save them on your computer.

You can monitor the processing of your transport benefit application online. When you sign in to the online service, select your preferred channel of communication: either Omapalvelu (decisions will be sent to you online) or by post (you will receive paper copies of decisions). If you do not select a preferred channel, we will send decisions to you by post.

Transport services may be granted to you based on the Social Welfare Act or the Act on Disability Services and Assistance. The purpose of transport services is to help the elderly and people with severe disabilities to cope at home.

Please note that the details of the application will not become visible in the service immediately but only after a couple of weekdays.

The transport benefit application does not work on the Internet Explorer browser. The service works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

You cannot use your personal banking codes to submit an application on someone else’s behalf.

More instructions: Contact with Disability Services on another person’s behalf.

Frequently asked questions

I cannot sign in to the service. Why?

The service or your Internet connection may be experiencing some temporary problems that prevent you from signing in. We also recommend that you check whether the service works on your browser. Browsers that support the service include Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

The service works the most reliably on the latest browsers and devices. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that it will work on every device, such as mobile phones or tablets.

I am able to sign in but the service displays no information.

You will see your application as received in the system within 1–2 weekdays after it arrived at Disability Services or the centralised home care services office. The actual content of your application or decision are not visible in the system. It only displays the following stages of processing:

  • The application has been submitted (if you filled in an application online).
  • The application has been received and entered into the information system.
  • The application has been cancelled.
  • The application is waiting for further information.
  • The application is being processed, and a decision is being prepared.
  • The application has been approved or rejected.

If you encounter any problems, let us know what browser you were using, what you were trying to do and what information is missing from the service.

How to use the service

User instructions (in Finnish)

Contact information in matters concerning transport services:

Transport services under the Social Welfare Act:

Nestori – Guidance and Service Counselling for Senior Citizens

Tel. 09 816 33333
Mon–Fri 9:00–15:00


Transport services under the Act on Disability Services and Assistance:

Disability Services

Tel. 09 816 45285
Mon–Fri 9:00–11:00


Send us feedback:

Feedback on transport services under the Social Welfare Act.    

Feedback on transport services under the Act on Disability Services and Assistance.