Apply for support for informal care online

Apply for support for informal care online. To use the service, you will need online banking codes or a mobile ID.

Click the “Go to web service” button above to fill in an application. The service is unfortunately only available in Finnish at the moment.

Please note! The application form for support for informal care has been moved to a new location. Click the “Go to web service” button to directly go to the new Omapalvelu service.

To see your old information, follow this link.

The new form will not display information from previously submitted forms. However, you can still view the old forms. If you would like to store information from your old applications for support for informal care, please print them or save them on your computer.

You can monitor the processing of your application online. When you sign in to the online service, select your preferred channel of communication: either Omapalvelu (decisions will be sent to you online) or by post (you will receive paper copies of decisions). If you do not select a preferred channel, we will send decisions to you by post.

Please note that the details of the application will not become visible in the service immediately but only after a couple of weekdays.

The application for support for informal care does not work on the Internet Explorer browser. The service works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Read more about being in contact with Disability Services on another person’s behalf.

Type of service

The service requires strong identification. To sign in, you can use your mobile ID, online banking codes or electronic ID card. e-Identification is a shared identification service of public administration e-services. The service enables secure identification of users online. e-Identification is being developed by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Read more about e-Identification.

The mobile ID works on Elisa, Telia and DNA mobile phone subscriptions that include an added mobile ID service.

Read more about the mobile ID: