The feedback service allows you to provide feedback on City of Espoo services, activities or decision-making.

You can also place your feedback on the map. Your feedback is automatically delivered to the person responsible for the service in question.

If you want an answer, please remember to enter your name and contact information. We try to answer your feedback within five working days. In holiday seasons it may take longer.

See report for feedback received by Espoo

The City of Espoo receives around 20,000 feedback items each year through its feedback service. Especially feedback on the streets and traffic is increasing. In addition to streets and traffic, Espoo residents give a lot of feedback about sports and health services, for example.

The City of Espoo wants to make even better use of the information it receives through its feedback. What is the feedback about? Do certain topics arise particularly at certain times or in certain residential areas? Anyone can now view these things themselves in the new feedback report.

You can see how much feedback has been given on a particular subject, for example, in the past week, or check how much feedback came from your neighbourhood last month. However, area information is only available for some feedback – mainly those about the environment and street maintenance.

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