City of Espoo's online store

You can buy pupils’ snacks. Services and products from Espoo's swimming pools and gyms will also be added to the online store.

The following services and products are available through the online store.

You can buy Espoo Catering Oy’s snacks for pupils in the following schools: Hansakallion koulu, Kuitinmäen koulu rakennus 1, Lintumetsän koulu, Lähderannan koulu, Niittykummun koulu, Rastaalan koulu, Saarnilaakson koulu, Saunalahden koulu, Soukan koulu, Sunan koulu, Ymmerstan koulu and Kuitinmäen koulu rakennus 1.

When you buy a product for your child, you get a receipt with a barcode. You can print the barcode or send it to your child’s mobile phone. Your child can get the snack at one of the above-mentioned schools by showing the barcode to the kitchen staff either on paper or on their mobile phone.

Espoo Catering Oy has agreed on the sale of snacks with the schools’ principals.

City of Espoo swimming pools and gyms

Multi-admission and season products at full price.

Please note! You cannot use your exercise and cultural benefits to pay online store purchases.

The swimming pools and gyms use a wristband system. You need to link your wristband to your email address by visiting a swimming pool or a Service Point.

All products purchased through the online store will be added to your customer account and activated the first time you use them or no later than one month after they were purchased.

If you do not have an account (wristband), create one using your email address. If you need a new password, click the “Forgot password” button.

Pupils’ snacks, Espoo Catering Oy

Type of service

Log in to the service at Use your email address to log in. If you need a new password, click the “Forgot password” button.

The service works best on the latest browsers and devices.

Guardians can create a sub-account for their child, through which they can for example register their child for summer camp or buy snacks.

Online store user support

If you have questions about technical issues (log-in problems, error messages etc.), you can send feedback to, visit one of the Service Points or contact the customer service of the organisation responsible for the product/service.