City of Espoo forms

City of Espoo forms used in different units have been collected here. Some of the forms are in Finnish only.

Forms for children's day care and clubs

You can use the online application to apply for a place in early childhood education for your child.
Yóu can use the online application to apply for clubs for your child.

Printable forms

Forms for pre-primary education

You can use the online application to apply for a place in pre-primary education for your child during the application period.

Printable forms

Forms for comprehensive schools

You can find all forms for comprehensive schools on one page. 

Forms for Meal Services

Forms related to  (special diets)

Forms for Health Services


Switching health stations  

Environmental Health Care forms

Forms for services for the elderly

Forms for informal care allowance (in Finnish)

Service voucher application for sheltered housing  (in Finnish)

Sheltered housing application form for residents of other municipalities (in Finnish)

Forms for the City Library

You can find all forms used by the City Library on one page.

Forms for Cultural Services

You can find on one page all forms related to the cultural grants.

Forms for Sports and Exercise Services

Here you can find the forms related to the grants by Sports and Exercise Services as well as instructions how to apply.

Other online forms for Sports and Exercise Services (only in Finnish):

Guides and forms of Länsi-Uusimaa Department for Rescue Services

The Rescue Department website provides information and forms regarding rescue plans, fireworks, temporary accommodation and using open fire.

Forms for Technical and Environmental Services

Deviating from the regulations of the valid town plan is subject to a deviation permit, which must be obtained before applying for a building permit.

In Espoo, all areas that are not covered by the town plan are considered areas requiring planning. Construction work in these areas is subject to a separate decision and/or deviation permit, which must be obtained before applying for a building permit.

As a rule, the city's permission is required for dividing or splitting a property outside the town plan that is designated as a construction site. Permits, instructions and contact information related to land use.

Read more on permits and regulations

Environmental permits and notices

Under environmental protection acts, decrees and regulations, different parties have the obligation to issue notices, register their operations or apply for permits. The Espoo Environment Centre provides more information on environmental permits and notices

Forms for Youth Services

Online application for a youth allowance