Espoo’s feedback service receives nearly 20,000 messages every year

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2019-11-28 11:24

The City of Espoo receives almost 20,000 messages through its electronic feedback service every year and the number is constantly increasing. Espoo residents most often give feedback on streets, traffic and the environment, followed by health services and exercise services.

The number of messages concerning streets and traffic is constantly increasing, which also explains the increase in the total amount of feedback.

“We value feedback from the local residents. It helps us to develop Espoo into an even better and safer place to live. To give us feedback, please use our feedback service. You can find a link to the service at the bottom of every page. The service is also available as a mobile application called Trimble. Download the app on your smartphone and allow it to track your location to easily let us know the location that your feedback concerns,” says Service Specialist Katariina Eskola.

Inspired by the feedback, the City of Espoo has introduced many improvements. Libraries, for example, have improved their services in the following ways over the past two years on the basis of feedback:

  • Karaoke events expanded from Entresse Library to other libraries.
  • Saunalahti Library received equipment that enables much-requested self-service hours on weekends and in summer.
  • A casual discussion group for seniors was launched at Nöykkiö Library, proposed by a library-goer.
  • Iso Omena Library now has an arts and crafts table for children, gaming consoles and fresh interior decorations in the youth space, designed together with the library customers.
  • The routes of mobile libraries are planned for each season based on the feedback received from day care centres and schools.

In addition, tickets to the traditional Independence Day Gala Concert are nowadays available online – yet another suggestion we received from Espoo residents.

“We also appreciate it when residents let us know that something needs fixing. We are constantly improving traffic safety, emptying litter bins, removing graffiti, adjusting traffic light timing, felling trees and repairing street lights thanks to the tips we receive,” Eskola says.

The city aims to make even better use of the feedback it receives in the future. What matters attract feedback? Are certain issues particularly common at certain times or in certain residential areas?

“We hope that a project on analytics and robotics will make it easier for us to conduct these kinds of analyses. Better reporting solutions will enable us to focus even better on issues or areas that are often mentioned in the feedback,” Eskola says.

Further information

Service Specialist Katariina Eskola, City of Espoo, tel. 050 413 4161,

A pie chart of the responses the City of Espoo has received in 2019