Clients’ right of access to personal data

The City of Espoo collects and processes its clients’ personal data only if the provision of services requires this. Personal data is stored in personal data registers and used according to the purpose of each register. The City of Espoo has published descriptions of the personal data registers it maintains, as required by the General Data Protection Regulation. 

Every client has the right to know what data is collected about them. If the data is incorrect, the client has the right to have it rectified.

If the collection of data is based on the client’s consent, the client may withdraw their consent at any time and ask for the data to be erased. The city has a legal obligation to provide many services, and sometimes the city exercises its official authority through its services. In these cases, clients do not have the right to demand that their personal data be erased.

To request your personal information,

You can pick up the information you have requested from the City’s Registry Office or a Service Point, or the city can send it to you by post.

Please notice that the City’s Social and Health Services have a separate process for information requests (in Finnish/Swedish).