For Elderly

Guidance for elderly citizens

Contact Senior Advise Nestori for elderly citizens for information and advice on the services for the elderly citizens. Tel. (09) 816 33 333 Mon–Fri, between 8 and 16, e-mail

When the health and functional capacity of elderly people deteriorate, they are entitled to many kinds of services.

Espoo supports elderly people who wish to live in their own homes as long as possible. Home help can prolong this time despite weakening health and capacities. Home help is available through the City or the private sector. When living at home is no longer possible, care is provided in sheltered housing.

If necessary, help is also available in the evenings, at night or weekends. Home help services are charged for according to the customer’s income. If an elderly or sick person who requires a great deal of assistance is cared for at home by a relative or someone else close to them, the caregiver is entitled to informal care allowance, in other words, a monthly care allowance.

Organisations and volunteers

Various organisations and associations provide an easy way to meet other people and spend time in a meaningful fashion. The elderly citizen associations in Espoo organise common activities for their members. For more information on the associations in the Espoo area, visit the websites of the national elderly citizen associations (See links in the Elsewhere on the web section on this page).

Health advice

Contact: Telephone numbers for health advice. In life-threatening situations call 112.

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