Customer survey: the shopping centre is the right place for the Service Centre

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2019-06-17 13:06

The Iso Omena Service Centre that gathers public services under one roof fits the shopping centre well. This was the opinion of 94% of the people who responded to a customer survey conducted by the Service Centre. Customer satisfaction also remains high.

“These results are delightful. Our goal is to make it easier for our clients to run their everyday errands, for example by setting up services where they are easy to access. It looks like we have succeeded,” says Suvi Jäntti, Service Centre Coordinator.

The Iso Omena Service Centre has now been operating for almost three years, and it has gained mainly positive feedback throughout its existence. Most criticism received has been raised towards its difficult-to-find location in the shopping centre and the lack of guiding signs.

“This time, 93% of survey respondents stated that they either find the Service Centre without relying on the signs or that the number of signs is now sufficient. Time has surely helped, but we have also added signs and made them clearer with the help of the shopping centre itself,” Jäntti says.

Increasing number of visits, service quality as high as ever

The number of clients visiting the Service Centre has always been on the increase. In 2018, it logged almost 1.5 million visits.

Despite the growing number of clients, the Service Centre intends to maintain the high quality of its services. The survey reveals that it has achieved this goal, as 71% of the respondents feel that queuing times are reasonable and 83% find the service friendly. Meanwhile, 67% have experienced no disturbances at the Service Centre, and those who reported disturbances mostly referred to noise levels.

The Service Centre customer survey was conducted in March and April. A student at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences conducted interviews at the Service Centre, and the survey was also available online. Swimming pool and museum tickets were raffled among all survey respondents. The prizes have been delivered to the winners.

The Iso Omena Service Centre conducts a customer satisfaction survey twice a year. The next one is scheduled for late 2019. The Service Centre warmly welcomes feedback also outside customer surveys. Please send in your feedback through the City of Espoo feedback service or leave it in the feedback box next to the information desk at the Service Centre.

Further information

Juha-Pekka Strömberg, Customer Service Manager, City of Espoo, tel. 043 826 8538