Tapiola swimming hall


Swimming pools:
Big pool:
25 m, 6 tracks, depth1,2-3.8 m, temperature 26-28 °C
Dinving boards 1m and 3 m 
Diving platform 5 m

Learner's pool:
10x7 m, depth 0,9 m, temperature 26-28 °C

Outdoor pool:
12,5x12,5 m, depth 3,5 m, temperature 4-26 °C

Therapy pool:
16,5 m, depth 1,10-1,30 m, temperature 30-33 °C

Wading pool:
Depth 0,23 m, temperature 30-33 °C

Hot tubs:
Temperature 30-33 °C

Short swim shorts (above knee) are allowed in all swimming halls in Espoo.

Other services:
A café and a gym.