Nature trails

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There are a total of 26 nature trails in Espoo, of which the city maintains nine. These city-maintained trails are located in various parts of Espoo, and give a great overall picture of the versatility and richness of local nature.

All the trails can be completed wearing normal outdoor shoes; if there is no rain, there is no need for rubber boots. Wetter spots are covered with duckboards and steeper cliffs are fitted with steps. The city-maintained trails are waymarked, and the routes are indicated with either green tape or yellow paint. Many trails have a bird watching tower for observing aquatic birds.

The City of Espoo nature trails:

Finnoo nature trail

The 1.6 km Finnoo trail circles around the Suomenoja basin and provides an excellent opportunity to see the different wetland birds inhabiting the area. The trail allows you to observe birds from a short distance – a telescope is not required. There are two watching towers and information boards with information about the local flora and fauna.

The trail is best accessed via the parking lot off Hyljeluodontie or from the waterfront walkway near the power plant. The trail was renovated in 2009 and is suitable for those walking with a pram. The trail is maintained by the Espoo Environment Department.

Hanikka nature trail

Hanikka nature trail winds between Suononsalmi, Kaitalahti and Soukansalmi. It is about 5 kilometres long and takes a couple of hours to walk. The nature in Hanikka is abundant: you will meet common alder stands, rock pineries and spruce-dominated mixed forests. At times, the path runs on a rock surface. Wetter places are covered with duckboards. The trail is best suited for the physically fit and the able-footed.

The trail is lined with 14 information boards with information on the rich birdlife in Kaitalahti, the Bronze Age burial cairns, traces of ice age in nature, and the forest and waterfront environments. Watching tower is an ideal place for aquatic birding.

The route can be accessed, for example, from Suinonsalmi, parking lot of the Suvisaarentie fitness trail, and bus stops on Alakartanontie.

Tikankierros trail in Central Park

Tikankierros is a 3 km trail which is easy to divide in shorter sections. It is marked with signposts and information boards explaining the rich wildlife in central park. The route follows old forest paths and is challenging in parts. The wettest sections are covered with duckboards. The trail is maintained by the Espoo Environment Department.

Laajalahti trail

Laajalahti nature reserve is a 2.9 km waterfront route from Nature House Villa Elfvik to bird watching tower in Otaniemi. It is especially impressive in spring, when flocks of thousands of birds arrive at the bay to rest. The watching tower and the trail provide an ideal place for experiencing nature without disturbing it. The route is not waymarked.

A large part of the trail is walked on narrow duckboards. The trail can be navigated wearing regular outdoor shoes. In wet weather, the duckboards may be slippery. The trail can be accessed from Villa Elfvik or Konemiehentie road in Otaniemi. The path is maintained by Metsähallitus Nature Services.

Oittaa nature trail

The Oittaa nature trail is about 1.5 km in length. It runs mainly in the Oittaa stream valley nature reserve near the Oittaa Recreation Centre. The start point is next to the main building of the Oittaa Manor, from where the path winds through forest terrain. The landscape is spruce-dominated and the trail easy to walk. The coastal forest and Black alder mire near Bodomjärvi provide variation. The rocky slope towards the end is fitted with steps for easier access. Trail-side information boards contain information about the surrounding nature. The path is maintained by the City of Espoo Sports Services.

Olari health nature trail

The Olari health nature trail is a nature trail in Espoo Central Park offering the chance to experience more natural elements that have a positive effect on health than an average nature trail. Along the trail of approximately 2.4 km, there are eight checkpoints with three separate exercises each. The health nature trail can be followed in both directions, and the checkpoints do not have to be visited in order.

The health nature trail is located in Kokinmetsä, and it is easily accessible on foot or by bicycle, public transport or car. The main entrance to Kokinmetsä is from a small car park at the intersection of Ylismäentie and Olarinkatu. The path is maintained by the Espoo Environment Department.

Olari health nature trail (pdf, 261 Kt)

Sorlampi nature trail

The Sorlampi nature trail can be accessed by following signs from the parking lot on Nuuksiontie. The trail leads across varying forest landscape mainly inside a nature reserve. The area is characterised by steep cliffs, stream valleys and occasional, primeval forest type coniferous stands. Sorlampi potholes, Hiidenpesä cave and other interesting geological sites make the path an intriguing destination.

The path passes through the Lajalampi stream valley to Sorlampi, runs southward along the Sorlampi fracture valley, and turns back towards its starting point. There are five information boards along the way. The trail is some 5 km long and takes 1.5-2 hours to complete. Cooking area near Sorlampi is a good place for lunch or frying sausages over a wood open fire. The path has rocks, tree roots and duckboards, making it somewhat challenging to walk. The path is maintained by the City of Espoo Sports Services.

Tremanskärr nature trail

The almost 4 km Tremanskärr trail runs largely in a nature reserve. Trail-side information boards describe nature in Northern Espoo and the Tremanskärr highmoors. There are two shorter route options available: one around Tremanskärr (2.8 km) and the other via Kurkijärvi (3.4 km).

The beginning and end of the trail are part of the Kalajärvi fitness track. Near Kurkijärvi and in the Tremanskärr mire the path is largely covered with duckboards.

The trail is accessed from a parking area facing the Pohjois-Espoo and Kalajärvi School on Vihdintie. The route can be walked in normal outdoor shoes, but during rain the duckboards may be slippery. The trail is maintained by the Espoo Environment Department.

Träskänd nature trail

The Träskänd nature reserve in Järvenperä has two about 1 km long trails winding in the old manor park. The trails offer visitors an interesting glimpse into old high-society garden culture and lush herb-rich vegetation. Trail-side signs present the names of more than 30 domestic or foreign trees and shrub species. The paths are easy to walk and accessible with prams. The trails are maintained by the City of Espoo Public Works Department.

Villa Elfvik nature trails

Nature House Villa Elfvik serves as a starting point for several short nature trails. The about 800-metre long Luonnon helmassa (In the Midst of Nature) trail has seven boards providing information on local history, nature and the Laajalahti nature reserve in Finnish and Swedish. Brochures in English are available at the Nature House. The path runs from the House towards shoreline and is accessible with prams and wheelchairs when not covered in snow. The nearby bird watching tower also has pram and wheelchair access. For more detailed information about the routes in the area, please see Villa Elfvik's nature trails.

Other nature trails:

Glimsinjoki river bank trail

The Glimsinjoki trail, designed and built by Pro Espoonjoki Association, runs some 2 kilometres from Träskänd park to Glims Farmstead Museum. The path is mainly located in forest, but makes short detours to a dirt road in Ingas and blacktop on Turuntie. River is crossed by bridges in Ingas and Jorvinkoski, from where there is a shortcut to Kuninkaantie.

The trail is not marked or fitted with overpasses or duckboards, and can be partly submerged in water during spring floods.

Hannusmetsä nature trail

The 3.5-kilometre trail between Hannusjärvi and Länsiväylä is maintained by the Association for Hannusjärvi Conservation. The trail winds in the midst of spruce-dominated coniferous forests, rugged pine stands, wetland hollows and Hannusjärvi wildwoods. There are also a number of geological sites found along the trail. Trail-side information boards contain information about the surrounding nature. The route follows old paths, but is in parts challenging and very wet during rain. The trail is colour coded to show the level of difficulty and marked with tapes.

Luukkaa nature trail

The trail allows visitors to explore forested areas in Luukkaa, the maintenance and conservation thereof as well as the local history. The trail is maintained by the City of Helsinki. There are two route options – 9 km and 6 km – which share the same start.

The trail is marked with signs bearing a cone symbol. Each site has a numbered board. The path follows outdoor recreation routes and is, with the exception of a few steep hills, easy to walk. The route can be accessed from the old Luukkaa manor, which nowadays serves as a recreation hut.

Read more about the Luukkaa nature trails.


Nahkiaispolku is a 2 km ring route, which provides an interesting insight into forest restoration in Nuuksio National Park. The route is marked with signs bearing a cone symbol, and information boards explain the different restoration processes. The trail begins and ends with a steep hill, but the rest is quite even. There are steps and duckboards along the way. The route sets off from the Haukkalampi Nature Information Hut.

Nuuksio trails:

Nuuksio hiking trails, nature trails and biking and horse-riding routes

Nuuksio is best explored by following one of the many marked trails. Nature paths, ring routes and other tracks accommodate novice and experienced hikers alike. In addition to walking, Nuuksio can be toured by bike, on horseback, and with a wheelchair or a pram. Pick the most interesting route and step into nature!

For more information, visit Nuuksio trails at Metsähallitus site.

Nature trails on a map: