Ice rinks

Espoo has more than 90 ice rinks, nine artificial ice rinks and indoor ice rinks. Freezing one middle-sized ice rink requires about 120 cubic metres of water when freezing begins from zero. Under optimal conditions, freezing a rink takes almost a week. Conditions are ideal when the temperature is 5 to 10 degrees Celsius below zero. If the temperature is too low, more than 20 degrees Celsius below zero, the ice begins to crack. The ice rink stays in good condition as long as the temperature stays below freezing point. As soon as the temperature rises above zero degrees Celsius, the ice starts to soften.

Ice rinks and artificial ice rinks on

On the website you can find information about the condition of ice rinks, when the ice rinks have been maintained, if there are changing rooms by the rink and also the opening hours of artificial rinks.
Ice skating at your own risk.

Public skating times at the ice halls. 

Artificial ice rinks:

Espoo Centre

Keski-Espoo sports park, Kylävainiontie 18, 02770 Espoo
Ice rink (sticks allowable) and a separate area for ice skating without sticks.


Espoonlahdentie 2, 02360 Espoo
Area for ice skating, sticks allowable.


Juvanpuro 2, 02920 Espoo
Area for ice skating, sticks allowable.


Lähdepurontie 1, 02720 Espoo
Time slots for ice skating with sticks and without sticks.


Leppävaara sports park, Veräjäpellonkatu 17, 02650 Espoo


Puolarmaari 12, 02210 Espoo
Separate areas for ice skating with and without sticks.
Recreation Centre's café /


Säterinniitty sports field, Säterinpuistotie 5, 02600 Espoo
Area for ice skating with and without sticks.

Tapiola Jääpuutarha (Ice Garden)

Tapionaukio 3, 02100 Espoo
Area for ice skating without sticks.
Cafe: Kahvila Hile rents skates.


Kaupinkalliontie 7, 02100 Espoo
Ice rink and an area for skating. Sticks allowable.