Public skating times

There are skating slots in Espoonlahti, Matinkylä and Laaksolahti ice halls as well as in Metro  Arena in Tapiola and Warrior Arena in Leppävaara. There is no fee for public skating. Slots in which you can use sticks are indicated.

Public skating times 2018-2019

Espoonlahti training hall   2.9.2019–28.4.2020                                                              
Mon 15.15.-16.15 with sticks
Tue 14.15-15.15 without sticks
Thu 14.15-15.15 with sticks

Espoonlahti icehall Forum    2.9.2019–25.4.2020  
Sat 11-12 without sticks

Laaksolahti training hall   6.9.2019–24.4.2020
Fri 14-15 with sticks 

Matinkylä training hall II  2.9.2019–30.4.2020
Mon, Thu, Fri 14-15; Mon, Fri with sticks,  Thu without sticks
No slots:  

Matinkylä training hall III 6.9.2019-24.4.2020
Fri 13.45-14.45 without sticks
No slots: 

Warrior Arena, Alpha-kaukalo   3.9.2019–28.4.2020
Tue 11-12 senior skating hour without sticks

Metro Arena,   4.8.2019–30.4.2020
Fri 21-23  "pipolätkä" unofficial icehockey with sticks
Sun 9-12 without sticks
No slots:sun Fri 2.8.,16.8., 13.9., 11.10., 1.11.
                   Sun 4.8., 18.8., 8.9., 13.10.
Attention! Fri 20.9., 22.11., and 13.12. "pipolätkä" 21.30-23