Indoor sports facilities will be closed until 31 January 2021

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2021-01-05 16:12

In its meeting on 5.1.2021, the coronavirus coordination group decided to extend the validity period of the current restrictions and recommendations until 31.1.2021. The purpose of the extension is to prevent the epidemic and new virus variant from spreading and reduce the risk of overburdening social and health care services. After the new end date, the temporary recommendations and restrictions will be extended further as needed.

All indoor sports facilities managed by the City of Espoo are closed. All organised indoor recreational activities have been suspended. In addition, all outdoor recreational activities for people over the age of 20 have been suspended. These restrictions will be in force till 31 January 2021.  

That said, the restrictions relating to leisure activities for children will be reassessed shortly in the coordination group meeting to be held on 14.1.2021, on the basis of developments in the epidemiological situation, the spreading of the virus variant and possible new policies set forth by the Government.

We encourage everyone to spend time outdoors and children to train outdoors

Espoo’s nature, trails and neighbourhood sports areas provide excellent opportunities for outdoor activities during the restrictions. There are nine artificial ice rinks in Espoo.  You can find up-to-date information about the opening hours and condition of the ice rinks at

Even when outdoors, it is important to avoid crowds and maintain a safe distance from other people. You should also, for example, wear gloves at outdoor gyms. Changing rooms and service buildings have been closed.

The City of Espoo Sports and Exercise Services encourages clubs to hold training sessions for under 20-year-olds outdoors.

“It is important that children and young people can continue to attend sports and other recreational activities and that clubs are able to organise these activities safely. We hope that clubs continue to organise training sessions outdoors, while maintaining safe distances,” says Martti Merra, Director of Sports and Youth Services.

All training sessions for over 20-year-olds must be suspended, also outdoors. All time slots on outdoor fields for recreational activities for over 20-year-olds have been cancelled. Outdoor recreational activities for people under the age of 20 will continue based on earlier reservations. The artificial turfs will also be lit longer, and their lights will not be switched off until 22:00.

Instructed exercise videos and tips online

The city has cancelled its indoor and outdoor exercise classes, but we encourage everyone to remain active. Our website offers a wide range of tips and instructions for exercise. You can find links to videos, printable instructions and live events by our partners at (in Finnish).