Gym / prices

We will extend the validity of all multi-admission and season wristbands that were valid on 14 March 2020 for the duration of the interruption caused by the pandemic.

Gym / Prices

These season tickets are sold at swimming halls and at Espoo Service Points.
- 1 month 20€, discounted 12€
- 6 months 90€, discounted 45€
- 12 months 160€, discounted 80€
+ wristband fee 5€
Season tickets for special groups: 45€/6 months / 80€/year.

The period of validity of a season ticket begins either when it is used for the first time, or 30 days after after it has been bought at the latest.
Additional swimming hall fee will be charged at swimming hall gyms.

Gyms at swimming halls (price includes swimming)

These wristbands are sold only at swimming halls.
- single fee, adults 6,50€, special groups and discounted 4€, war veterans for free
- Wristband with10 admissions 55€, discounted 33€
- Wristband with 25 admissions 110€, discounted 75€

Discounted: customers under the age of 18, pensioners, unemployed, conscripts, persons undergoing non-military service and crisis management veterans and students.

Tickets can be purchased with Smartum exercise and culture vouchers, Smartum Visa, Sporttipassi sports pass, Virikecard, Ticket Mind&Body and Tyky exercise vouchers, Tyky Online and Eazybreak. 

Free use of gyms:

- +68 Sports wristband owners.