Disc golf courses

A disc golf course in Iso Vasikkasaari (an island) (9 holes)

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A disc golf course in Laaksolahti Sports Park (9 holes)

Address: Lähdepurontie 1, Espoo
The newest course in Espoo opened in May 2020 in Laaksolahti Sports Park.
Read more: facebook.com/laaksolahtifrisbeegolf

A disc golf course in Oittaa recreation area (18 holes)

Address: Oittaantie, Espoo
The course is diverse and beginner friendly.
You can find pictures and the description of the course (in Finnish)  from  website frisbeegolfradat.fi.

A disc golf course in Puolarmaari (20 holes)

Address: Puolarmaari 12, Espoo
You can find the description of the course (in Finnish) from website frisbeegolfradat.fi.

A disc golf course in Äijänpelto (18 holes)

Address: Äijänpelto 6, Espoo
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A disc golf course in Röylä (9 holes)

The course in Röylä is built by the local residents.
More information: facebook.com/FrisbeeRoyla