Swimming Schools

Espoo organises swimming courses for preschool and primary school children, with the aim of achieving the ability to swim a distance of 200 m. The courses are held each semester throughout the duration of primary school activities, from preschool age to 4th grade. Those who cannot swim are also provided with lessons in the appropriate technique.

Swimming lessons are held on weekdays – in accordance with the curriculum during school periods. The service is provided by the Cetus swimming club and the City of Espoo sports instructors.

In addition to this, swimming lessons are organised for special groups in course format.
There are also courses especially for girls and women. The local associations of Folkhälsan have several swim schools in Swedish.

See also: Multicultural Exercise

Swimming lessons in primary school tel. 050 354 9813
Swimming schools in co-operation with City of Espoo:

Infant swimming and family swimming: