Exercise for special groups

The special exercise groups are intended for people who have difficulties participating in generally available exercise groups due to a disability, illness or other type of impairment. The instructors of these groups require special expertise and must adapt the guidance methods. You can also bring your personal assistant along.

The guided exercise groups are listed at espoo.fi/ohjattuliikunta (only in Finnish).

The offering of guided exercise includes the open-to-all (Avoin kaikille) groups, which do not require registration, as well as other courses for which registration is required.

You can search for groups according to area (e.g. Espoonlahti), course type (e.g. water exercise) or target group (e.g. special group).

The courses provided in cooperation with clubs and association are also listed at espoo.fi/ohjattuliikunta. 
Enter the search term “Sovellettu” (Adapted) in the search field to view the adapted exercise courses, or use the term “Yhteistyö” (Cooperation) to display more groups, such as water exercise and asahi.  Click the name of the desired course to view the details and registration instructions.