+68 Sports wristband

The City of Espoo offers free sports and exercise services to Espoo residents aged 68 and up through the +68 sports wristband. From the beginning of 2018, the services will also be available to Espoo residents born in 1951.

The +68 sports wristbands can be obtained at the cash desks of City of Espoo swimming halls (with the exception of Olari) or Citizen’s Offices. Please present your identification when picking up the card, as each card is intended for personal use only. The wristband is charged for two years of use at a time (currently 2019–2020).

The wristband is activated at the swimming hall cash desk, after which you can pass through the swimming hall gate without having to stop at the cash desk. The wristband is also used to access the gyms intended for independent training.

Benefits with the +68 sports wristband

  • Free access to the City of Espoo swimming halls and outdoor swimming pool
  • Bring a friend for a swim free of charge: A person using the sports wristband can take an accompanying friend swimming free of charge in the City of Espoo swimming halls. The accompanying friend can be any adult, for example, a grown-up child, another relative or a friend.
  • Free access to the City of Espoo Sports and Exercise Services during independent training periods
  • Free-of-charge gym equipment training
  • Guided senior and special exercise groups provided by the Sports and Exercise Services are free of charge. Some groups are filled in the order of registration, while participation in others does not require advance registration. The exercise courses and groups are listed at espoo.fi/ohjattuliikunta (only in Finnish).
  • The regional free-of-charge +68 sports clubs (no advance registration required). The sports clubs are also listed at espoo.fi/ohjattuliikunta – use the search term “sporttiklubi”.
  • Free access to the Espoo archipelago boats (present the card on the boat).
  • Bring a friend to an archipelago boat trip free of charge: A person using the sports wristband can take an accompanying friend free of charge to the archipelago boat. The accompanying friend can be any adult, for example, a grown-up child, another relative or a friend.

Additional information: Exercise guidance tel. 09 8166 0800 Mon–Fri 12 noon–1 pm

Assistant code 

It is possible to get an assistant code for the 6+8 sports wristband, so that an adult assistant accompanying the card holder can gain free entrance to the City of Espoo swimming hall/gym. The assistant helps the card holder with clothing, washing and getting around throughout the training. The following persons are eligible to bring an assistant:

  • Persons with visual impairments, visual impairment card
  • Epileptics, KELA card code 111
  • Persons with memory disorders, medical certificate
  • Others whose illness or disability requires it on discretionary basis if a medical certificate is presented.

Assistant codes are granted with the KELA card code 111 or with a visual impairment card at swimming hall cash desks. In other cases, the assistant code must be applied for with the City of Espoo Sports and Exercise Services by providing a medical certificate.

Postal address: Espoon liikuntapalvelut / +68 avustaja PL 34, 02070 ESPOON KAUPUNKI

+68 Sporttiklubs 7.1.-29.5.2019 (except for 18.-22.2. and on holidays)

Duration 90–120 min. No advance registration required.

Espoonlahden uimahalli, kuntosali 1, Espoonlahdenkuja 4
Maanantai     klo 10.30-11.45
Keskiviikko   klo 13.15–15.15

Järvenperä, Aurorakoti, Aurorakodin kuntosali, Auroranmäki 6
Torstai           klo 9.30–10.30     
Kalajärven kuntosali, Ruskaniitty 1
Tiistai             klo 12.45--14.00, seniorit 68+ ja seniorit
Perjantai        klo 11.00–12.30, seniorit 68+ ja seniorit

Kannusillanmäen urheiluhallin kuntosali (väestönsuoja), Kannusillankatu 4 (Espoon keskus)
Tiistai             klo 13.00-14.30

Keski-Espoon uimahallin kuntosali, Kaivomestarinkatu 2
Keskiviikko   klo 13.00–14.30

Leppävaaran elä ja asu-seniorikeskus*, Säterinkatu 3
Perjantai        klo 9.30–11.00

Leppävaara uimahallin kuntosali, Veräjäpellonkatu 15
Tiistai     klo 9.15–11.15

Olarin kuntosali, Yläportti 4 A-B
Maanantai     klo 11.30-13.00

Soukan elä ja asu-seniorikeskuksen kuntosali, Soukankaari 7
Tiistai   klo 10.00-11.00

Tapiola Tuulimäen urheiluhallin kuntosali (väestönsuoja), Itätuulenkuja 9
Tiistai             klo 13.30-15.00
Torstai klo 11.30-13.00

Tapiolan palvelukeskus*, Länsituulentie 1
Perjantai     klo 12.30–13.30

*Sporttiklubs in co-operation with Laurean ammattikorkeakoulu and Espoon kaupungin vanhuspalvelut.