Physical Activity Counselling

Exercise instructors will provide free-of-charge counselling on sports and exercise for people of all ages, especially those just starting out.

If you would like support in getting started with exercise, call the Physical Activity Counselling helpline at 09 8166 0800 – available Mon-Fri 12 noon–1 pm.

We can provide information on opportunities for sports and exercise in your immediate area. How should I start exercising? What sport would suit me? What sports are available for me? You can also set up a meeting where we can prepare a suitable exercise plan for you together.

Customers of Physical Activity Counselling also gain a personal exercise profile, which they can use to learn how to exercise in a way that suits them and keeps them motivated. It is a good idea to make a profile even – or perhaps especially – if you have very little history with sports and exercise The profile can be created on a website that provides support for getting started with exercise activities.
The profile and the supporting website are provided by huco – human core oy.