Exercise groups for children and young people have started

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2020-09-28 11:02

The JUMPPI groups for 13–18-year-olds, the WAU clubs for primary school pupils and the Töpinät events for 2–8-year-olds have started. You are welcome to try out new sports or continue with your favourite hobbies! All the groups are free-of-charge, and the activities take place all over Espoo.

The City of Espoo’s Sports and Exercise Services organises versatile activities for children and young people in cooperation with sports clubs and companies.

JUMPPI for young people

The JUMPPI groups offer 13–18-year-olds the opportunity to try out and practise several sports, such as bowling in Tapiola, bouldering in Finnoo, street dance in Espoon keskus and trampoline gymnastics in Kera. The groups held on Wednesday afternoons are intended mostly for secondary school pupils, but the other groups welcome older participants as well. You can find more  information on the JUMPPI groups at harrastushaku.fi by using the search term jumppi.

WAU for primary school pupils

The WAU clubs for primary school pupils are all about having fun while getting exercise. Children can suggest their own ideas for games. A majority of the clubs are held at schools, but trampoline, fencing and squash clubs, among others, are arranged at the sports clubs’ own facilities. Participants do not have to attend the school where the club is held. The WAU clubs are coordinated by Espoon Telinetaiturit. Further information: WAU clubs (in Finnish)

Töpinät for families

The Töpinät events are held on Sunday mornings and intended for young children. The events are not guided, but they do offer all kinds of equipment suitable for playful exercise. Children should always be accompanied by adults. The idea behind this concept is that families get to enjoy fun and safe activities together. At the moment, Töpinät events are arranged at ten different locations. You can find details on times and locations at harrastushaku.fi by using the search term töpinät.

The organisers have taken into account the special arrangements required due to the coronavirus situation. Participants must also remember the following points:

  • Only participate if you are in good health.
  • Follow hygiene guidelines.
  • Maintain safe distances in all areas, including showers and changing rooms.
  • Avoid spending time in the changing rooms. You could for example change into your workout clothes at home.

Please also remember that you should not attend the groups if you have even the slightest symptoms of a common cold or if you have been in close contact with someone who has been infected or who is in home quarantine.

Together we can make sure that working out is safe and pleasant.  Welcome!