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TÖPINÄT is a family activity held at weekends for children between 2 and 8 years of age and their families.

The events involve children and parents engaging in sports and exercise together, using a wide assortment of equipment. The equipment may vary between locations, and exercise activities are not guided*. Please wear clothing appropriate for indoor exercise and swimwear for swimming activities (Vesitöpinät).

Children must always be accompanied by an adult. In this way, the entire family can enjoy the fun activities safely.

The Töpinät events can be found at harrastushaku.fi with the search term “töpinät”.

Those participating in the Vesitöpinät water activities must also pay the swimming hall entrance fee.

*An instructor is present to provide guidance at the Vesitöpinät events. 

NOTE! The parties organising the Töpinät and Vesitöpinät events are not responsible for supervising the children, and the participants are not insured by the organisers. We reserve the right to make changes.