Exercise classes

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, Espoo’s Sports and Exercise Services has cancelled its instructed indoor and outdoor exercise classes for working-age people and seniors. The restrictions will be in effect from 30 November to 20 December 2020.

There are exercise groups for women, men, seniors, special groups young people and children. The recreations department's aim is to organize exercise activities especially for those groups, for whom sports clubs and private organizations provide few services.

The Sports and Exercise Services unit runs more than 100 guided exercise classes that anyone can attend without prior registration. Up-to-date information about guided exercise groups is available in Finnish at espoo.fi/ohjattuliikunta. You can also phone Exercise counselling (tel. 09 8166 0800 mon-fri at 12-13) and ask about the classes.

Registration for exercise courses

  • By telephone: 09 8166 0800
  • Online: espoo.fi/ohjattuliikunta (in Finnish)
  • You can register for courses if there are places left. Exercise counselling by telephone 09 8166 0800 is open mon-fri at 12-13.

Things to know before you register

  • The residents of Espoo can register for a maximum one sport course. The water exercise courses are intended for special groups. From 14.9. can register for yet another exercise course.
  • Your registration is personal and binding.
  • To register online (www.espoo.fi/ohjattuliikunta), you need online banking credentials.
  • When you register, you need to give your personal identity code for invoicing purposes.
  • In addition to yourself, you can also register your family members.
  • Children under 18 years of age must be registered by a guardian.
  • Sports and exercise services for seniors and special groups are free of charge for Espoo residents aged 68 or older. The services are free of charge starting from the beginning of the year in which the individual turns 68 years of age. The courses will be filled in the order of registration.
  • If your course is held in a swimming hall, you need to pay both the course/lesson fee and the swimming hall’s entrance fee. Admission to swimming halls in Espoo is free of charge for holders of the 68+ Sports Pass.
  • If you cancel your course registration after Mon 7 September, you will be invoiced the autumn season’s course fee in full. If you cancel after Mon 18 January, you 2021 will be invoiced the spring season’s fee in full. If you register online, you need to pay the course fee online, and the cancellation period will be two weeks. The cancellation should be done as identified yourself at online services on the page of Own services or you can call 09 8166 0800 as well.
  • Non-payment or informing exercise instructor are not cancellation.

The current coronavirus situation also affects our classes. We will have a smaller number of participants in our courses and open groups to ensure safe distances. In addition, our circuit training groups have been turned into gym groups. The groups will have an instructed warm-up session, followed by independent gym training and instructed stretching after exercise.

In order to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, please remember the following points:

  • Follow hygiene guidelines.
  • Maintain safe distances in all areas, including showers and changing rooms.
  • Avoid spending time in the changing rooms. You could for example change into your workout clothes at home.
  • Arrive on time, but no more than 10 minutes earlier. This will help us make the necessary arrangements concerning the number of participants in open groups without overcrowding. You may not join the group if you are late.
  • Bring your own exercise mat and/or a large towel with you. Mats are not available at our exercise facilities for hygiene reasons.

Please also remember that you should not attend classes if you have even the slightest symptoms of a common cold or if you have been in close contact with someone who has been infected or who is in home quarantine.

Together we can make sure that working out is safe and pleasant. Welcome!

Changes may occur later. We will provide information about possible changes on our website at espoo.fi/ohjattuliikunta (in Finnish). For more information, call our helpline, tel. 09 8166 0800, Mon–Fri 12:00–13:00.

Do you need guidance or support to start exercising?

If you have any questions about exercise in Espoo or if you need personal support to start exercising, you can phone and even schedule an appointment with your local exercise instructor free of charge.

  • Tel. 09 8166 0800 Mon - Fri 12 am -13 pm

Changes are possible.