All Espoo residents may fish freely using a hook and line or an ice fishing rod. It is also permitted to fish Baltic herring using a line equipped with 5 to 10 hooks (Finnish: “litka”) specifically designed for this species. Residents under the age of 18 or over the age of 65 do not need to pay the fisheries management fee to the state.

Fishing permits

  • net: EUR 12/year
  • salmon net: EUR 16/year
  • angling permit (needed for trolling)/Espoo: EUR 12/year
  • angling permit (needed for trolling)/Espoo and Helsinki: EUR 17/year
  • longline (100 hooks): EUR 12/year
  • fish trap: EUR 12/year
  • salmon long-line (15 hooks): EUR 16/year
  • bait fishing (10 hooks): EUR 12/year
  • spearfishing: EUR 12/year
  • map: EUR 3/piece 

Angling permit for non-Espoo residents:


  • 1 day: EUR 10
  • 1 month: EUR 14
  • 1 year: EUR 40

Espoo and Helsinki:

  • 1 year: EUR 60

Contest permits

A fishing contest permit enables you to organise ice fishing, hook and line fishing and other fishing competitions. The contest permit must specify the contest in question and the number of participants. In addition, the contest permit must specify the competition area and the date and time of the contest.

Fishing contest prices per contest:

  • 1–35 participants: EUR 12
  • 36–50 participants: EUR 16
  • 51–100 participants: EUR 28
  • more than 100 participants: to be agreed separately

How to buy a permit

Starting from the beginning of 2020, you can buy all fishing permits online. You can pay the state fisheries management fee and buy trap permits and angling permits for Espoo’s sea areas at the online store (in Finnish). Trap permits are only available to Espoo residents.

You can also buy permits from the City of Espoo Service Point located at the Iso Omena Service Centre.

For more information about fishing contest permits and how to buy them, contact Outdoor and Recreation Manager Tapani Kortelainen (contact details at the bottom of the page).

Fishing in Espoo


The fisheries management fee paid to the Finnish state entitles you to fish almost everywhere in Finland using one rod. This excludes rapids and running waters with migratory fish stocks, no-fishing zones, special areas that require separate permits and the Åland Islands.

If you have an angling permit for the joint permit area of Espoo’s sea areas, you may troll using several rods. An angling permit is personal. If you are an Espoo resident younger than 18 or older than 65, you do not need this permit. Everyone else who intends to fish using more than one rod at the same time needs an angling permit for Espoo’s sea areas.

Fishing waters for Espoo residents

Fishing is permitted in a joint permit area that covers about 8,000 hectares along Espoo’s shoreline and around the outdoor recreational island of Bylandet in Kirkkonummi. Tens of thousands of sea trout and common whitefish fry are annually released into these waters. Special provisions concerning fishing will be sent to you as an attachment to the fishing permit.

Bodom-Järven Kalastusyhdistys ry

 - the Fishing Association of Lake Bodominjärvi (website in Finnish)

Fishing (including pike, pikeperch, perch, burbot, eel; replenished populations of common whitefish and lake trout)
Contact person: Jari Syrjäläinen tel. 040 503 7511
Fishing permits: Lake Bodominjärvi: EUR 4/day for residents and shareholders, EUR 6/day for others. EUR 20/year

Permits are sold at the café/restaurant of the Oittaa outdoor recreation area. Alternatively, you may pay the permit fee directly to the following bank account: FI31 4055 4720 0715 03.

Responsible fishing

According to the Animal Welfare Act, animals must be treated well and no undue distress may be caused to them. A fish must be killed as painlessly as possible, as soon as it is caught. Further information about responsible fishing: (in Finnish).

Further information about fishing and hunting: