All Espoo residents may fish freely using a hook and line or an ice fishing rod. Residents under the age of 18 or over the age of 65 do not need to pay the state’s fishing management fee.

Fishing licences

net 12€ /year
salmon net 16€ /year
trolling/Espoo 12€ /year
trolling/Espoo and Helsinki 17€ /year
long-line (100 hooks) 12€ /year
weir 12€ /year
salmon line (15 hooks) 16€ /year
bait hooks (10 hooks) 12€ /year
spearfishing 12€/year
map 3€ /map

Trolling licence for non-Espoo residents:
1 day 10€
1 month  14€
1 year 40€
The licence-holder also receives a map of the fishing waters.

Licences for the sea areas of Espoo can be obtained from the service points of the city that also sell trolling licences to non-Espoo residents. The state’s fishing management fee and a fishing licence for a rod and reel in sea areas of Espoo can also be paid online at

Separate licences are required for fishing with nets and other fixed traps. These are for sale only to Espoo residents.

A lure pass for Southern Finland permits fishing with one rod and reel. Those under the age of 18 or over the age of 65 do not need a lure pass.
A trolling licence for the combined licence area of the Espoo sea area permits trolling with one or more lines.
The trolling licence is personal. Espoo residents under the age of 18 do not need a licence.
Other people fishing with more than one line at the same time need a trolling licence for the Espoo sea area.

Contest permits
A contest permit allows you to organise ice fishing, hook and line and other fishing contests. The contest permit must indicate the contest in question as well as the number of contestants. The contest permit must also include the contest area and the time when the contest is held (date and time).

Permit prices/contest:
1–35 people 12€
36–50 people16€
51–100 people 28€
more than 100 people according to a separate agreement

Fishing waters for Espoo residents
Fishing is permitted in the combined licence areas that cover about 8 000 ha. These areas are located off the coast of Espoo as well as around the recreational island of Bylandet in Kirkkonummi. Espoo has 30 fishery collectives and two fishery associations. Tens of thousands of young sea trout and powan are planted in the waters each year. It is prohibited to fish closer than 50 metres to an inhabited shore owned by someone else. Other regulations pertaining to fishing can be found on the back page of the fishing licence.