Camping and Hiking


There is an enjoyable campsite next to Lake Bodom, just 20 km from Helsinki. Camping Oittaa has plenty of room for caravans and tents and there are also cabins for up to 4 people. The adjacent Oittaa Mansion and Recreation Centre organises athletic events and provides equipment for hobbies. Serena Water Park, Ikea as well as the attractions and sites of Helsinki and Espoo are also located nearby.


There are twelve free camping sites in Nuuksio.
More detailed information: Services of Nuuksio.

Väransby Recreation Area

Hirsala, Kirkkonummi
Tel. 09 297 0305

A camping and caravan area for Espoo residents in Hirsala, Kirkkonummi. This secluded area with beautiful places to swim stretches out for three kilometres along the seashore. There are cooking shelters and wells in the

Camping is allowed in the following outdoor recreation islands:
- Bylandet 
- Gåsgrund 
- Knapperskär 
- Rövargrundet
- Rövaren 
- Stora Herrö 
- Torra Lövö