Outdoor recreational islands

There is a beautiful archipelago in Espoo for you to enjoy!

You can read about the locations of the islands and the services available there
from the Guide to the Archipelago (pdf, 4437 Kt).

Scheduled boat service to and from Espoo's outer skerries operates throughout the summer from June to September.

Scheduled boat service to these outer skerries:
Gåsgrund (9,8 ha)
Iso Vasikkasaari (24 ha)
Pentala (130 ha)
Rövaren (9,1 ha)
Stora Herrö (44,3 ha)

Other outer skerries:
Bylandet (9,7 ha)
Kaparen (4 ha)
Knapperskär (4,9 ha)
Korkeasaari (6,5 ha)
Rövargrundet (0,8 ha)
Torra Lövö (3,9 ha)
Tvijälp (13,4 ha)

Recreational islands on Service Map: