Hunting for a dream job – Ohjaamotalo One-Stop Guidance Centre helps young people find their own path

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2019-11-15 11:34

In Espoo, the linchpin of the campaign is the Ohjaamotalo One-Stop Guidance Centre for young people. Ohjaamotalo provides anyone under 30 years of age with advice and support in various situations in life. Young people may for example turn to Ohjaamotalo to get advice on how to investigate their opportunities for study and choose a profession, how to look for a job and a livelihood, where to find housing, how to manage personal finances, how to stay healthy and where to find interesting leisure activities. More than 60 professionals work in Ohjaamotalo to support young people.

In the campaign video, Peris and young people consider career options suitable for them, and Peris introduces them to new fields in workshops, providing the young people with tools for studying and working life.

“Peris is remarkably open-minded towards different fields of work. We hope that this campaign will help many young people to discover their interests and the services of Ohjaamotalo,” says Tero Luukkonen who is in charge of Ohjaamotalo.  

Concrete measures to promote youth employment

The strategy of the City of Espoo, known as the Espoo Story, sets the objective of raising the employment rate to 75% and reducing the unemployment rate to 5%. Particular attention must be paid to improving youth employment. Youth unemployment has decreased in Espoo, but there is still work to be done.

The Government is also going to increase municipalities’ responsibility for organising employment services. This solution will be implemented through municipal employment trials, in which Espoo is preparing to participate. The responsibility for providing employment services for the target groups will shift from the state to the cities that participate in the trials. Examples of the target groups include immigrants and everyone under 30 years of age. The City of Espoo is currently making efforts to improve its youth employment services. Espoo is building an ecosystem for young people. Once completed, the ecosystem will involve different sectors of the city, partners and companies.

“Our response to the Government’s challenge is to pool resources from an even wider range of sectors than before. We need cooperation between many parties to promote youth employment because it is difficult for anyone to succeed on their own. Cooperation results in improved effectiveness and better services for young people,” says Development Manager Sanna Lindholm from the City of Espoo. She is involved in building the ecosystem for young people. 

Of the amount paid by the organisations that participate in the Periksen unelmaduuni campaign, EUR 1,000 per organisation will be directly invested in the promotion of youth employment. The investment will be carried out through Work Pilots, a service that offers short-term work for young people. Work Pilots will use the money to purchase working hours for young people through its mobile application. The campaign is steered by Sportspot Oy.

Further information about the Ohjaamotalo One-Stop Guidance Centre

Tero Luukkonen
Manager of Youth Services
tel. 050 321 3813

Further information on the improvement of employment services for young people

Sanna Lindholm
Development Manager
tel. 043 825 1878

Further information about the Espoo’s role in the Periksen unelmaduuni campaign

Mari Ala-Mikkula
Marketing and Communications Manager
tel. 043 826 7495